How to Use the Disc


Images are stored on this disc in JPEG format.

JPEG Images

These images have a fixed windowing.
No changes can be made to displayed images (no zooming, no density or distance measurement).
Multiframe images, if any, will display only a still frame found at 1/3 of the sequence.

This is a hard-copy of the disc content.
These images can be viewed on any computer with a Web browser.

If you click the icon above, a window appears with the first image of each series in each study recorded on the disc.
If you click an image, a page will display all the images contained in the series.
If you click an image in the series, the image is maximized and a navigation toolbar appears to let you display other images in the series:  


   One image forward

   Five images forward

   Ten images forward

   One image backward

   Five images backward

   Ten images backward

   Back to the current series window

   Back to the patient level